Garth Stein

The Cloven by Garth Stein

Book Two

Garth Stein and acclaimed cartoonist Matthew Southworth team up again for the second book in this action-packed coming of age series about a mutant from the Pacific Northwest.

#1 New York Times bestseller
Translated into 40 languages

Now a major motion picture

Garth Stein Author6 days ago
Having been nearly run over by a dumb Rivian truck today, I'll say this world would be better if 1). people paid more attention to the road than their large coffee drinks, and 2). these, the stupidest of all cars, made noise. I lived across from the Hell's Angels in NYC. Loud Pipes Save Lives. Just saying.
Garth Stein Author1 week ago
To distract my mother from the shoulder she broke Friday evening, I gave her my "Raven 2.0" stories. These are stories I've written inspired by the artwork of We're having an opening for First Thursday Art Walk at

My mother is reading the stories while I'm cooking her dinner she can eat with her non-dominate hand, and she laughs out loud and stifles and looks at me and says, "It's not supposed to be funny is it?" And I say, "Yes, it's supposed to be funny." And she says, "Oh, good, because it's really funny!"
Garth Stein Author3 weeks ago
Hey, I did a podcast in West Virginia. Reading Room Ruffians. They're a good bunch, those whacky WV librarians! It's about The Cloven but other stuff, too. Pass it on!

Garth Stein Author2 months ago
Here's another article on that Rockingham debacle.
Garth Stein Author2 months ago
I'm proud to say that my edgy and iconoclastic book about a dog who fantasizes about becoming a race car driver (I mean, who doesn't?), was banished--condemned!--torn from the library stacks!--in Rockingham County Public Schools, because, you know, if an empowering message of self-reliance also mentions a "heaving bosom," we should and must sacrifice the message! Or something.
Garth Stein Author3 months ago
I know all my North End friends are coming to Wanderlust Book Lounge on Thursday at 7:00 for my presentation on the perils of genetic exploitation. Or something. #TheCloven